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We agree there are many scammers on Internet, but we assure you that we are 100% Guaranteed genuine service. We are not here to scam people. We take full responsibility of your payments and we are happy to refund if you face any genuine issue.


Proof : See what our customers say

We recently launched our Facebook page.

Please click on the comments icon on below Facebook post. You can see comments from our satisfied customers.

You can check their profiles they are genuine and real people.

Proof of Legal/Paid Accounts:

Once you receive the permanent account go to the Billing section. You will see that the account is legitimately paid. Hence, our accounts never stop working.

On the entire internet, we are the only one who provides legitimately paid accounts which are 100% legal. This is because we get accounts from members like you.

If you buy accounts from any other seller on internet you will see that those are free trial accounts. Such accounts stop working after few days and you will lose your money.


Want More Proof ?

Guys as you know that this is not a company. We are just a community,  made of people like you trying to help each other.

'We do not have any other official document to provide as a proof. 

You will have to trust us and we assure you that you won't be disappointed.

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