Beware of Scams & Criminals

Fake Websites and Social Media Accounts

Beware of FAKE websites / Instagram / Facebook / Telegram accounts using the names similar to our website.

You will get Scammed and also get into Legal Troubles.

Our Genuine Website:


Our Genuine Facebook:     @splitandchillcom

Our Genuine Instagram(new):     splitandchill  

Our Genuine WhatsApp:    +91 910 888 7404

We are the one and only GENUINE site which provides 100% LEGAL and Paid accounts which are shared by members like you

What is the Danger ?


We GUARANTEE you that every other seller on internet provides accounts created using hacked or stolen Credit Cards. Do NOT buy such accounts. They are highly Illegal and if you are caught buying such accounts you will go to Jail.

If you are in India, then under IT Act 2000, Sections 66, 66C, 66D you will go to Jail for 3 years if caught.