70% Discount.

Single Screen in Premium Account. 

UltraHD/HD/SD - All Supported.

All Devices Supported.

The one and only GENUINE website.

Beware of FAKE websites / instagram / facebook accounts using similar names.

You will get scammed and lose your money.

Our Genuine Website:     www.splitandchill.com


Our Genuine Facebook:     @splitandchillcom

Our Genuine Instagram(new):     splitandchill  

Our Genuine WhatsApp:    +91 910 888 7404

The Problem 

Premium Subscription is Expensive, especially if you wish to enjoy on Laptop or TV ! But hey you can always split the cost with friends/family and live happily ever after. Except this doesn't really workout. Does it ?

😒 Not all of us have dependable friends/family members with whom we can share our bill and expect them to pay on time. If they even pay at all !

😓 Moreover, most of us are not even comfortable asking our loved ones to pay their share.

😭 In the end, you just end up with relationships gone sour and friends getting hurt. Or Worse. Paying the whole bill yourself.

😣 Even if everything works out, it's just way too much hassle. "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

😉 And, many of us just don't wanna let friends/family know what we are watching. You know, there are some pretty hot and steamy stuff available on stream !


Subscription at 70% Discount

We are an online community of subscribers who wanna share their joy of watching awesome content with other members and split their monthly bills.

We are offering Single screen in a shared Premium Subscription which will cost you 70% less price than full subscription.

✔ Watch in Ultra HD. [ HD and SD also supported]

✔ Watch on Any Device - Mobile, Laptop, TV etc

✔ No more paying huge subscription fee !

✔ No more relying on others for sharing monthly cost.

✔ No inconvenient talk/interaction with subscription owner. We handle all the talk.

✔ Cancel whenever you wish. We won't ask why.

Full Refunds for genuine issues.

How we operate

We do NOT buy or sell or resale subscriptions.

We just provide a Service of connecting people who are looking for subscription partners and help them share securely.

For our Service charge a very small fee. We started this community with no intention of making profits and we would prefer to keep it that way. The only reason we request a small fee is to be able to pay for various components required for running this site and community.


Who are we ? 

We are no businessmen and this is not a company !


We are a COMMUNITY of members like you, passionate about movies, TV series, stand ups and other cool stuff. 

There is no single person or group who owns this community. The community is self-maintained by a group of moderators. Moderators are chosen from community members who have been with the community since some time and hence have become Trusted members. Trusted members can extend this trust to other members who are deemed responsible and willing to take the responsibility of running the community.

To avoid any conflicts regarding money, we had decided to run this community on a NO-PROFIT-NO-LOSS basis. After paying monthly bills, if any funds are remaining, we donate it to people/NGOs needing them.

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